History Of YPK

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History of YPK

YPK (House of Love Foundation) has been in existence for 17 years. By helping one beggar, we have reached the poor and the needy not only in slum communities of Surabaya, but also in many parts of Indonesia. Although it is now recognized as one of the most prominent foundations in the country, YPK began at the most grassroots level with a very humble beginning. From One Beggar to Presidential Awards to National Reconciliation.

Hana Amalia Vandayani Ananda, the founder of YPK, started by ministering just one beggar, who used to stand begging in front of her church. Feeling convicted that one day we would be accountable for not telling others about salvation and helping others who were in need, she befriended the woman beggar. The woman was homeless and slept on the sidewalk.  Hana's heart was moved with compassion to give her a shelter. One day she took the beggar into her church, where she happened to have her friend, Ruth, sitting beside her and the beggar. Hana told Ruth how she wished to rent a house for homeless people such as the beggar. Ruth was immediately prompted by God and responded to Hana's desire. She wrote a check of  1,000,000 IDR, about $200 (1 USD = 5,000 IDR in 1990) and gave it to Hana. That was the first seed of the ministry to the poor.

Hana began sharing her desire to open an orphanage for orphans and a home for the elderly to the children in her Sunday school. The following week, a widow, Sylviati, the mother of one of her students, came to her, expressing her desire to have an orphanage too. With tears on her eyes, Sylviati offered Hana her two-bedroom house to be used as an orphanage. And in December 1991, YPK was officially established.

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