Get To Know Pondok Kasih Foundation

Yayasan Pondok Kasih was founded by Dr. Hana Amalia Vandayani Ananda D.min, better known as “Mama Hana”. In 1991 Mama Hana received a call from God to provide services for the poor. The beginning of the Pondok Kasih Foundation provided a Wanula House (nursing home) for elderly women who were neglected by their families and a Children’s House for orphaned children.

When the crisis began to hit in mid-1996. Yayasan Pondok Kasih provided assistance that greatly helped the sustainability of the community at that time such as helping to finance underprivileged children, free health assistance for people in need and providing training for community empowerment.

The struggle of Mama Hana and the Pondok Kasih Foundation was finally recognized nationally and internationally. The Indonesian Relief Fund and World Blessing further strengthened the struggle of the Pondok Kasih Foundation to help people who were unable to help by sending 40 foot containers containing goods that were urgently needed by the community.

After decades of existence as it is now the Pondok Kasih Foundation has received various awards such as:

– Satya Lancana Award in the field of community service given directly by the President of Indonesia in 2004

– Special Satya Lancana for Aceh Tsunami Disaster Services in 2005

– Dharma Karya Kencana Award through BKKBN in 2006

– Global Business and Interfaith Peace Award in 2015

– Kick Andy Life Achievement Award in 2016

– CNN Heroes Award in 2017

– Hero of Mental Revolution from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019

And various other Organizational, Institutional, Regional, National and International awards. With these awards the Pondok Kasih Foundation has been recognized for its sincere service in helping disadvantaged and disadvantaged people.

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