Impactful Life

“At first I was shuffling, but I thank God that many friends and staff of Yayasan Pondok Kasih were willing to help,” said Mrs. Sri Rejeki, known as Sri Bambang in the community.

In 2000, she was first invited by a friend to join the Pondok Kasih Foundation community in Kendangsari. This mother of 4 children has a daily life taking care of her home and family. When she entered Pondok Kasih, her children were enrolled in school and received scholarships. Mrs. Sri Bambang participated in various activities and training at Pondok Kasih. Starting from cooking and fried food training, haircuts and bridal makeup, and herbal medicine making training. Through the various trainings that she participated in, she was able to process and try to open a small business. Selling jamu rice kencur and sour turmeric with the help of friends and staff of Pondok Kasih. The activities he participated in made him a person who was able to speak in public and wanted to continue working for God.

In addition to participating in various trainings, she received spiritual guidance and was able to empower herself. Starting his ministry in 2006, Sri Bambang helped people in his community to get closer to God. The initial community members were only 5 people and now it has grown to 50 people. (MH).

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