Pondok Kasih Cares For The Health Of The Underprivileged

Pondok Kasih not only serves in the fields of Education, Community Assistance and Empowerment, Prison Services, Youth and Interfaith but also serves in the field of Public Health. Currently Pondok Kasih has a Gayungan Clinic located at Gayungan PTT 68, Surabaya, East Java, which has been accredited by the East Java Provincial Social Service, with a Plenary (Best) value.

Gayungan Clinic is open Monday-Saturday, at 08.00-14.00 WIB. In addition to serving general patients at very affordable prices, Gayungan Clinic serves BPJS patients as well, in the form of General Poly patients, Dental Poly, Mother and Child Poly (BKIA) and Drug Room. Due to its affordable prices, Gayungan Clinic has become one of the main referrals for the community. For certain days, the Medical Team will visit the Pondok Kasih assisted communities in Surabaya and surrounding areas to examine their health at no cost. This service is prioritized for the elderly, pregnant women and babies.

Currently the Medical Team serving at Gayungan Clinic are dr. Jimmy, dr. Hermadi, drg. Dien. Assisted by 2 nurses, 2 midwives and 1 pharmacist who faithfully provide the best service for the community.

The activities carried out are Promotive (health counseling, application of healthy living behavior), Preventive services (disease prevention, efforts aimed at preventing disease through efforts to provide immunizations for infants, children, pregnant women, regular health checks to detect disease early) and Curative services (treatment as an effort aimed at sick people to be treated appropriately so that in a short time their health can be restored).

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